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orange is the new black meme: four episodes
»  ”Lesbian request denied” [2/4]

Lydia Martin + pink & blue

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Floral Sneakers 


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[Image Description: A drawing of an adolescent Suzanne Warren standing on stage and looking forward with a neutral expression. She is wearing a costume composed of a sparkly leotard with a collar and skirt made of feathers. There are roses around her head and neck, and a pair of antlers on her forehead. She has body paint in geometric shapes on her hands, feet and face.]

Suzanne is fifteen, and she begs and begs her mother for a month to let her go to Shakespeare camp. On Wednesdays with Dr. Clare, when she is meant to be moving colored blocks into patterns and telling what to do at the crosswalk and explaining what “still rivers run deep” is supposed to mean, she talks about A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. She has the closing monologue down pat, and she recites and recites it for Dr. Clare (it feels good to her mouth and Dr. Clare says she is being “expressive”). She shows him Poor Yorick (not as good between her teeth but grownups always like it) with a paperweight. After that her mother tells her “okay” but not to be alone with boys in the cabins. (Suzanne is not interested in being alone with boys in cabins)

"A no-brainer" she tells her mother (a phrase Dr. Clare taught her which means "something that makes sense when your brain is out of your skull") and mouths to herself on repeat and repeat that night.

Suzanne is fifteen, and she is onstage. She is wearing an old figure skating outfit with feathers and cheap fake roses hot glued to it. There is tacky halloween paint on her face and a piece of antler in her hand. She is Puck, the one and only. She is a jester in the fairy court and she is a traveller (and it feels like having skates on, spinning fast and fast and fast so that her gravity changes and everything seems to press onto her and she cannot feel the cold). She cannot feel eyes on her when she is Puck, the stage is too bright to make out the audience (and besides isn’t it like fairies to have glamour. Glamour, glamour, glamorous fairies, invisible on the cover of magazines).

Suzanne is fifteen and she is invisible, invincible.

Kicking off Disability Fest with a picture and accompanying ficlet of Suzanne Warren from oitnb. Fun fact Suzanne is the love of my life and if u don’t like her u are the wrongest wrong to ever be wrong.

Lydia Martin in season four:  4.02 - “117”

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"So when we were five, we got to play kings and queens, and then we sort of grew up and were told that it’s wrong and it’s pretend, but I think as human beings, it’s still like we want to sit on the couch at the end of the night, eat some popcorn and be transformed into another world. It’s just entertaining."

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Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture

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Video Game Challenge → [1/7] Sceneries
✗ The Last of Us

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"Sometimes that’s just life though, don’t you think? Sometimes the crappiest things happen at the most unexpected times and you just have to take it for what it’s worth and realize that its not the end, that there is always the tiniest hole you can crawl through to get yourself out.”

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Everyone should have a dream even a pathetically unrealistic one.

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Happy Birthday Taylor Michel Momsen!

You can spend your whole life planning. But once you’re ready, get out there and start doing it.

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